Elwyn background…

   The existing house began as a cape-cod that was built approximately 60 years ago. The house is situated on a moderately sloping site in Elwyn, Pennsylvania. The primary considerations for performing extensive renovations to the home rather than relocate was the appreciation for the privacy of the mature, wooded two-acre site, as well as being the childhood home of one of the owners. The house has had several additions and renovations over its life and the age and quality of the overall home were a concern for the owners. Though well maintained cosmetically, the house was showing major signs of structural stress and fatigue.
   The intent of this project was to enhance the functionality of the house to better accommodate the owner’s lifestyle while also addressing the structural issues.
The primary goal of the owner was to transform the house from a modest cape cod into a more comfortable home with relevant living space, traditional character and well-coordinated details.
   The project contains many finely crafted details and materials used such as the exterior cedar brackets,the flagstone entry stair and planter, the stucco and stone facade, half-round gutters, and bead-board soffits. All of the details are consistently found around the house. An equal amount of importance was placed on the rear of the house as the front. -jfa