Conshohocken background…

   To develop an appreciation and respect for the site, we began by studying and analyzing the site features, including the topography, solar orientation and landscaping. To preserve the bucolic quality of the land, the new home was superimposed over the footprint of the existing structure. This greatly reduced the environmental impact upon the site.
   The design of the home was strongly influenced by the regional traditions rooted in the heart and mind of the owners. We endeavored to create a home that was a reflection of their heritage. We were inspired by both the Pennsylvania farm house as well as the farm house of the south. Starting with those elements, we began to create a story encouraged by the characters and values.
   The massing of the home suggests that it may have began as a stone farm house and over time, a series of thoughtful additions were added. We attempted to carefully weave traditional elements with modern conveniences into the project. The deep roof eaves and overhangs providing shading and protection. The open floor plan affords views and vistas through the home as well as a means for natural ventilation. The details of the house reflect a traditional design aesthetic. It was important to use both natural and composite materials in an authentic manner. The quality of the materials reflect the sturdiness and durability of the home.  -jfa